Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association

Trailwork Wednesday afternoons at 4 pm: Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association and CBMR invite you to help continue building the new 
"Town Shuttle" trail. The CBMBA tool trailer will be parked at the top of Overlook Village Rd. (the last right off Hunter Hill Rd., but before the big bend with the Upper Loop intersection).  There is a little spur trail where the trailer will be parked marked with flags...follow the trail to where it intersects with the Town Shuttle trail. As always, please ride or hike to the trail work if you can.  Wear sturdy shoes and bring water, gloves, and sun protection.  Cold refreshments to follow.  Hope to see you there!
yesterday I rode up the Meander and Sink Trails and down Westside, what a great loop on great track. Let's help add more of this, it is great to look at a fun section that you helped build!

Walrod Gulch Trail

 -slow down when others are in sight, and even get off your bike for hikers. it will go a long way to keep us on the trails.
-Let's get those gates closed. Put the bottom in first, then hug the gate shut with your shoulder and hand. If it is going to be too tight to close, climb over carefully.
-Ride to the trailheads and cut down vehicle use and congestion. The bus goes to Gothic from Mt CB every day-see  A bus goes up the mountain every 20 minutes from CB. If you end up driving, please slow down and expect to wait if there are lots of folks out.
-Please no driving off roads to park or camp. Keep our home beautiful, that is why we all come here!
-No trespassing! Most places are signed or fenced.

Crested Butte: Epic riding and scenery!