Crested Butte Area Trail Report

Mountain Bike Crested Butte, Gunnison and Salida Singletrack Guide

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Updated Friday January 17, 2014


Hartman Rocks: Beginner, Intermediate, expert Not Recommended

Brush Creek Area

Rides in the Brush Creek area, 2-3 miles South and East of the Town of Crested Butte.
Deer Creek:expert loop
Conditions: 10/20/13: mud and snow
Not Recommended
Farris Creek / 402: advanced medium length rides Not Recommended
Strand Hill: advanced intermediate
Conditions: 10/20/13: report of snow up top and mud.
Not Recommended
Teocalli Ridge:expert
Conditions: 7/25/13: Teocalli Ridge trail is closed this summer until repairs by the FS are finished. These are now in progress! You can ride the West Brush Creek side, turn right and do an out and back on the Teocalli Mtn trail, but the next turn onto the ridge to the right and the descent are closed.
Not Recommended

Near Town

CBMR Mountain Trails: Easy Int to Expert Not Recommended
Lower Loop: Beginner and intermediate trails
Conditions: 10/20/13: muddy!
Not Recommended
Lupine Trail: easier intermediate ride
Conditions: snow!
Not Recommended
Snodgrass Trail: Intermediate
Conditions: Seasonal partial closure of the mountain is in effect.
Not Recommended
Upper Loop / Tony’s Trail / Whetstone Vista Not Recommended

Kebler Pass Area

Rides near Kebler Pass, West of the Town of Crested Butte.
Kebler Pass Wagon Trail: easier intermediate ride Not Recommended
The Dyke Trail:advanced to expert level ride
Conditions: mud and snow as of October.
Not Recommended

Taylor Canyon Area

This area lies 10-20 miles South and East of Crested Butte.
Doctor Park:expert ride
Conditions: mud and snow up top. maybe ok at the bottom as an out and back.
Not Recommended

Gothic Area

Rides in the area of Gothic, 5 miles North of Mt. Crested Butte. Some rides like Rock Creek Trail #403,
start from the next drainage to the West.
Trail #403:expert ride
Conditions: snow!
Not Recommended
Trail 401:Advanced intermediate ride
Conditions: snow!
Not Recommended

Cement Creek Area

Rides in the Cement Creek drainage East of Crested Butte South, 6 1/2 miles south of Crested Butte.
Cement Creek Trail:easier intermediate ride
Conditions: must be muddy by now.
Not Recommended
Reno / Flag/ Bear / Deadman’s Gulch: Expert
Conditions: 10/7/13: Likely muddy in the trees after rain and snow recently. Plan on splashing thru many puddles and little creek crossings.
Not Recommended
Reno Ridge & Deadman’s Gulch: expert ride
Conditions: 10/7/13: Likely quite muddy in the trees and lots of puddles.
Not Recommended
Trail 409 and the Point Lookout Trail:expert ride Not Recommended
Trail 412, 405.2a, 405 & 409.5A or Point lookout
Conditions: 10/7/13: Quite muddy due to recent rain and snow. The caves trail/409 are good! Point Lookout is dry! Below map calls this 410 which is inaccurate- if you ride up Walrod Gulch Road to the hike a bike, up the trail beyond that (Walrod Gulch Trail) and then turn left on 405.2A and stay left on 405, this is all called 410 on the map below.
Not Recommended
Walrod Cutoff Trail 418: The Caves Loop: expert
Conditions: snow!
Not Recommended
Waterfall Creek Cutoff Trail:expert ride
Conditions: mud and snow
Not Recommended