Crested Butte Area Trail Report

Mountain Bike Crested Butte, Gunnison and Salida Singletrack Guide

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Updated Friday October 10, 2014


Hartman Rocks: Beginner, Intermediate, expert
Conditions: All of Hartman Rocks is open and riding great!
Good to Go

Brush Creek Area

Rides in the Brush Creek area, 2-3 miles South and East of the Town of Crested Butte.
Deer Creek:expert loop
Conditions: 9/9/14 Could be some cows out there now.
Good to Go
Farris Creek / 402: advanced medium length rides
Conditions: 7/29/14 This area is riding well and the creeks have come down. Cows have arrived in this area. Please show out local rancher's herds respect. Ride slow and quiet try to not to spook the cows.
Good to Go
Strand Hill: advanced intermediate
Conditions: 10/1/14 may take a couple days to dry out. last week there was a lot of cow traffic making the trail bumpy and muddy in places
Good to Go
Teocalli Ridge:expert
Conditions: The word is out! Teocalli Ridge is awesome now after reopening this spring. It has been closed for major reconstruction. I can't wait to get out there with all the flowers and sweet track! Thanks to president JC and helpers for clearing the logs!
Good to Go

Near Town

CBMR Mountain Trails: Easy Int to Expert
Conditions: 7/7/14 Great trails, great flowers. Make sure you check out the new Meander extension to Snodgrass we built with CBMR last fall. Great views. CBMR boasts loads of XC and Downhill trails for all abilities. Go get your shred on!
Good to Go
Lower Loop: Beginner and intermediate trails Good to Go
Lupine Trail: easier intermediate ride
Conditions: 7/7/14 Rides great both ways. There will be lots of users in July recommend hitting it early in the day or late in the afternoon.
Good to Go
Upper Loop / Tony’s Trail / Whetstone Vista
Conditions: 7/7/14 Riding really nicely, thanks to all that came out to help us build the new Upper, Upper. Old one is still open for now so you can loop it if you like.
Good to Go
Snodgrass Trail: Intermediate
Conditions: 8/15/14 Closed for the season. Will reopen next spring. Thanks to the Allen family for the seasonal access to this great trail!
Not Recommended

Kebler Pass Area

Rides near Kebler Pass, West of the Town of Crested Butte.
Kebler Pass Wagon Trail: easier intermediate ride
Conditions: Be careful coming down this trail as there is some water damage to the trail.
Good to Go
The Dyke Trail:advanced to expert level ride
Conditions: 10/1/14: could be snow and mud. upper trail is tracked up and difficult due to horse traffic. lower section nice and smooth after workday. Hunting season starts 10/11.
Not Recommended

Taylor Canyon Area

This area lies 10-20 miles South and East of Crested Butte.
Doctor Park:expert ride
Conditions: 10/9/14 heard there was a lot of mud on top, better as an up and back or you will have to walk a fair way. hunting season starts 10/11.
Not Recommended

Gothic Area

Rides in the area of Gothic, 5 miles North of Mt. Crested Butte. Some rides like Rock Creek Trail #403,
start from the next drainage to the West.
Trail #403:expert ride
Conditions: 10/19/2014. could be some snow and mud out there now with this storm.
Not Recommended
Trail 401:Advanced intermediate ride
Conditions: 10/9/14 could be snow and mud out there now with this storm.
Not Recommended

Cement Creek Area

Rides in the Cement Creek drainage East of Crested Butte South, 6 1/2 miles south of Crested Butte.
Cement Creek Trail:easier intermediate ride
Conditions: 8/12/14 The Lower Cement Creek Trail, including the new extension of the trail all the way to the Cement Creek Campground, is good to go. Upper Cement Creek Trail is also riding great. Upper Cement Creek rides great on its own or is awesome expert ride with the Hunter Creek/405 Block and Tackle lollipop or 583/405/Hunter Creek lollipop, or the way back from Waterfall Cutoff.
Good to Go
Trail 409 and the Point Lookout Trail:expert ride
Conditions: 8/14/14 Trail 409 from the Cement Creek Drainage over to Brush Creek is better than good to go, it is riding amazingly!! What an awesome ride! thanks to the FS for working on this and cleaning up some rough spots, and all the volunteers last year. Point Lookout Trail is also good to go as an out and back from the bottom or as a loop with 405/405.2a/412 or with 409.5. or keep going to Waterfall Creek Cut-off. A CB south favorite: up walrod, left on 405.2A and 405, then down point lookout and left on 409 back to cement Creek!
Good to Go
Trail 412, 405.2a, 405 & 409.5A or Point lookout
Conditions: 7/29/14 Rode this today, it is in awesome shape and the flowers are still amazing. Thanks to Steiny and Ben Breslauer for fixing the washed out section on 405 downhill. Riding great as a loop with Point Lookout either direction.
Good to Go
Walrod Cutoff Trail 418: The Caves Loop: expert
Conditions: 7/7/14 Great flowers on 418. Riding great!
Good to Go
Waterfall Creek Cutoff Trail:expert ride
Conditions: 7/7/14 Riding great, trees have been cleared. Try riding up Point Lookout down 405 to Waterfall to avoid the "wall" and get rewarded with a longer single track ride.
Good to Go
Reno / Flag/ Bear / Deadman’s Gulch: Expert
Conditions: 10/11/14 could be quite muddy.
Not Recommended
Reno Ridge & Deadman’s Gulch: expert ride
Conditions: 10/11/14 mud and snow.
Not Recommended