Crested Butte Area Trail Report

Mountain Bike Crested Butte, Gunnison and Salida Singletrack Guide

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Updated Thursday October 1, 2015


Hartman Rocks: Beginner, Intermediate, expert
Conditions: June 22: ride early morning or evening as the days are hot right now!
Good to Go

Brush Creek Area

Rides in the Brush Creek area, 2-3 miles South and East of the Town of Crested Butte.
Deer Creek:expert loop
Conditions: August 20, 2015: could be some cow action on the trail.
Good to Go
Farris Creek / 402: advanced medium length rides Good to Go
Strand Hill: advanced intermediate
Conditions: June 27: Dry and lots of flowers.
Good to Go
Teocalli Ridge:expert
Conditions: July 11, 2015:riding nicely!
Good to Go

Near Town

CBMR Mountain Trails: Easy Int to Expert
Conditions: June 10: dry and riding well! 2015 Evolution Bike Park Opening day for 2015 is June 13th!
Good to Go
Lower Loop: Beginner and intermediate trails
Conditions: Aug 20, 2015: riding nicely! This is still a very busy time and the trail is overgrown in spots, please ride slowly to avoid a collision.
Good to Go
Lupine Trail: easier intermediate ride
Conditions: 10/1/15: open again! go enjoy the lovely leaves!
Good to Go
Upper Loop / Tony’s Trail / Whetstone Vista
Conditions: July 2: Dry and ready to ride, and wonderful flowers. Busy trail, please go slowly. Thanks to volunteers who came out last week to buff the new upper upper re-route. the old upper upper has some down trees.
Good to Go
Snodgrass Trail: Intermediate
Conditions: The actual trail is off limits to everyone due to cattle grazing (this is private land.) The road is still open and the horse trails to the north of the road. Please, once it closes respect the private property owners wishes! thanks. Many thanks to the Allen family for the seasonal access to this great trail! Absolutely beautiful right now!
Not Recommended

Kebler Pass Area

Rides near Kebler Pass, West of the Town of Crested Butte.
Kebler Pass Wagon Trail: easier intermediate ride
Conditions: July 2, 2015! dry and rideable, lots of flowers.
Good to Go
The Dyke Trail:advanced to expert level ride
Conditions: July 13, 2015 still lots of down trees and some mud near top, but ok as good otherwise. Be careful of trees (and horses) and keep your speed in check!
Good to Go

Taylor Canyon Area

This area lies 10-20 miles South and East of Crested Butte.
Doctor Park:expert ride
Conditions: August 21: Reports are that it is great riding right now, best shape ever! Big log down in fast downhill section, be careful!! Expect other users including hikers and horses, so keep your speed down in places with limited sight distance.
Good to Go

Gothic Area

Rides in the area of Gothic, 5 miles North of Mt. Crested Butte. Trail 403
starts from the next drainage to the West.
Trail #403:expert ride Good to Go
Trail 401:Advanced intermediate ride
Conditions: Aug 20, 2015: Beautiful ride, very tall plants! Also very popular. Please all, ride from town or take the bus to Gothic if you can to keep traffic to a minimum. see for details. Please slow down for other users at this busy time if you do drive. Thanks!
Good to Go

Cement Creek Area

Rides in the Cement Creek drainage East of Crested Butte South, 6 1/2 miles south of Crested Butte.
Cement Creek Trail:easier intermediate ride
Conditions: 8/2015: This is in great shape!
Good to Go
Reno / Flag/ Bear / Deadman’s Gulch: Expert
Conditions: The trail is getting lots of work and has a new bridge at the bottom of deadmans!
Good to Go
Reno Ridge & Deadman’s Gulch: expert ride Good to Go
Trail 409 and the Point Lookout Trail:expert ride
Conditions: June 25, 2015:totally dry and riding really beautifully! we sawed at some logs but one toward the farris creek end still down.
Good to Go
Trail 412, 405.2a, 405 & 409.5A or Point lookout
Conditions: August 20, 2015 great riding right now!
Good to Go
Walrod Cutoff Trail 418: The Caves Loop: expert Good to Go
Waterfall Creek Cutoff Trail:expert ride
Conditions: July 2, 2015:dry and riding nicely!
Good to Go